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Pave Bids is Nashville’s premier source of high-quality asphalt services for a variety of uses. Our highly experienced personnel can provide tailored solutions for parking lot construction, maintenance, and repair, driveway installation, and other asphalt-related needs. We pride ourselves on being Nashville’s top asphalt service contractor due to our high quality, efficiency, and cost.

Our Nashville asphalt and seal coating services provide ideal solutions for all of your seal coating and paving needs. A-Hole Paving uses only commercial-grade professional applications with commercial equipment. This helps to rejuvenate the asphalt solution for both commercial and residential properties. 

We provide complete, high-quality and cost-effective asphalt solutions that include services such as:

  • Driveways
  • Curb and Gutter
  • Parking lots 
  • Sidewalks
  • Paving & Patching
  • Seal Coating
  • Overlays
  • Full Base reconstruction
  • Miscellaneous (Speed bumps, speed humps, curbing),

Asphalt Paving Nashville TN

For your driveway, parking lot, or garage, a smooth, resilient, and long-lasting asphalt surface is crucial. At Pave Bids, we recognize this. We focus on offering a wide variety of premium seal coating services to fit your unique needs because of this. Our team of highly qualified experts takes pride in producing outstanding asphalt surfaces that are homogeneous, smooth, and water- and erosion-resistant. You can be confident that your asphalt surface will continue to be extraordinarily durable and dependable for many years to come thanks to our skillfully placed seal coatings, protecting your investment and guaranteeing your happiness. As Nashville’s top asphalt paving company, we provide a wide range of seal coating services, including:

Asphalt Repair – Reinforcing existing asphalt cracks and paving them. 

Asphalt Paving – Proper preparation, crack filling, and surface sealing are crucial for maintaining the longevity and visual appeal of your asphalt. This cost-effective approach enhances durability and extends the lifespan of your surface while improving its appearance. Our professional asphalt repair services deliver smooth, uniform results that instantly enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Seal Coating – Protects your asphalt surface from moisture by sealing all existing cracks and potholes before the next asphalt paving project begins. This is a high tech asphalt repair process that uses an epoxy resin that is applied to damaged asphalt, followed by a coating that contains a UV protective layer. It will protect the asphalt surface from cracking and fading, as well as give your asphalt the look of a smooth, shiny, new surface.

We promise a comprehensive slate of services to help you with your asphalt needs.

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We are Nashville’s most respected pavement solutions company. We offer customized solutions and the best bids to meet all of your line striping, parking lot maintenance, asphalt maintenance, asphalt seal coating and other needs and budget. We are ready and willing to assist you!

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