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hot crack filling

Hot Crack Filling service provider in Nashville and surrounding areas

We provide hot crack filling pavement services that are speedy and affordable. A scheduled plan of pavement maintenance can drastically improve the life-cycle of pavement and provide the greatest curb appeal. Hot crack filling is a fraction of the cost of a full restoration or replacement of asphalt pavement. The secret is to repair the cracks in the pavement when they are small and manageable. This ensures that the integrity of the asphalt pavement is maintained because it minimizes exposure to rain and moisture. Filling cracks with crack filler provides an effective sealant that inhibits cracks from getting bigger and prevents water from penetrating at the base of the asphalt. 

Hot Crack filling

Hot crack filling is the placement of pavement emulsion into dysfunctional cracks to reduce the eroding impact of water exposure and to strengthen the adjacent pavement. It is essentially a rubbery sealer that gets heated to around 400º and is then applied to pavement using special equipment. The advantage of hot crack filling versus cold is that hot crack filling is less disruptive to traffic as it’s significantly faster (tens of minutes) versus cold, which can take several hours. 

Line striping services

Fractures in pavement can originate from excessive load, moisture damage, or base problems. We will apply hot pour crack filler which will provide a rubber, waterproof bond that will make the road able to expand and contract during temperature fluctuations. If a gap is left alone without sealant it can grow larger and larger until the entire pavement needs to be replaced, costing a small fortune. 

What are dysfunctional non-working cracks?

  • Non-working cracks appear as horizontal and/or vertical changes in the crack smaller than a tenth of an inch

  • Specific examples of non-working cracks include diagonal, longitudinal, and alligator cracks.

  • Compared with crack sealing, hot crack filling is a treatment for pavement that doesn’t display much movement.

We are Nashville’s most respected pavement solutions company. We offer customized solutions and the best bids to meet all of your line striping, parking lot maintenance, asphalt maintenance, asphalt seal coating and other needs and budget. We are ready and willing to assist you!

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