Why is parking lot striping important to new commercial buildings, including retail areas, offices, and apartment complexes? The reason is simple really; striping can dramatically increase the market value of a property. This is especially true in an area that experiences consistent high traffic, as striping will draw even more traffic into a new building and generate new customers for that building. If you stripe the parking lots for your current tenants, it reduces the amount of time a tenant would spend searching for a parking space and clearly defines where people may or may not park.

Other Parking Lot Striping Benefits 

  • Increase your customer service.
  • Safety, reduce parking lot accidents.
  • Easily Assign parking spaces.
  • Aesthetics, parking lot striping exhibits a professional, well-organized, and well-maintained parking area.
  • Facilitate more usable parking spaces and define places that cars may and may not park.
  • Easily mark handicap parking spaces and provide convenient 15-minute zones.
  • You can also easily mark no parking areas and loading zones.

Apart from this added value to a new development, parking lot striping can help improve the general appearance of a shopping center, office building, or apartment complex. If a parking lot is drab and unattractive to shoppers, prospective tenants may be less likely to enter that shopping center or apartment complex. The benefits of parking lot striping go beyond this though. In fact, striping or re-striping your existing parking lots will also help to reduce your maintenance costs in the long run.

The cost and complexity of the project will depend on whether you need a routine touch-up or a completely new, or grand re-striping project. If you are just doing a safety fix for an already well-maintained parking lot, then this may be a good option for you. 

Parking lot striping projects do have some cons associated with them. For one thing, you need to find a reliable contractor that can handle the work you. Additionally, if you decide to do it yourself, parking lot striping requires a lot of upfront money for equipment and materials. While these factors can be considerable for some people, 

Why is parking lot striping important

there are other great reasons for doing this type of work. One of the biggest benefits to stripe your parking lot is the increased curb appeal that will bring foot traffic to your business. More foot traffic means more customers and a livelier shopping center often has a higher volume of sales. If you are looking to make changes to your retail space to make it more appealing to potential customers, then parking lot stripping is a perfect addition to your new building construction.

Another benefit to doing this type of work on your parking lot is the aesthetic appeal. Striping can really change the look of a parking lot. You can create an edgy, yet fun look that will catch the eye of anyone passing by your business. This is a great addition to any building construction project and can really help bring life back to your commercial space. Whether you are doing this to improve your building’s appeal or because you want to make changes to space, parking lot striping is an option that should be considered.